Monday, March 12, 2012

The Womanly Arts (and some cooking and sewing)*

I am enjoying listening to this just now. I was in the library, looking for some Qi Gong (which I didn't find...), but instead found this cd full of empowering lectures. Tonight, after the boys went to bed, I stayed up in my reasonably clean kitchen (less of a rarity these days- I swear, this organisation thing is gently being welcomed into my life!), and made Sauerkraut, and wrote this, while listening to that lovely Louise Hay (CD 1), and shall sleep much better for it. And live much better for it too, I am certain! :-).*
Mmmm... Mirky cabbage water!*
Other fermenting adventures in my kitchen include the ongoing love that is Kefir, (made by adding kefir grains to raw milk, before straining and keeping the grains to reuse), Sourdough, which I am finally getting the hang of, and am cranking out some mean-ass loaves of tasty brown goodness! (along with pancakes and crackers)

Sourdough Pancakes, sunday tradition for me and the ratbag*

Put it all together!*

Some clearly less nourishing kai!*

And, wonderfully, I have been managing some time in the stitch room. I'm getting my sewing groove back, after starting to feel like 'someone who used to sew'... YUSS! :-D. Arohanui, Tink Xx*
Oh! Magical time spent in my stitch room!*

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