Friday, April 18, 2014

And so it begins... Or ends... Or the beginning of the end...?*

We are moving. Home. HOME! :-D.
Oh the joy that fills my heart to be going home!
Home isn't far from where we live now- a mere 20 min drive into paradise, but to be living there, waking up there every morn, playing there every day, breathing the air, walking through the hills and forests, and drinking the water (no more chlorine and fluoride!!), playing in the creek, swimming in the river, and reimmersing back into the community, well, that just feels like bliss to me :-).

But first.... one 3 bedroom home packed full of years worth of hoarded treasure, must go, to allow our remaining possessions to fit into a 220 x 808 cm housetruck... Jinkies! The past few weeks I've been really excited about freeing up my time, setting myself free by letting go of SO MUCH STUFF, but now it's crunch time and though I'm still very excited, it is proving to be rather tough.

Measuring out my little guys new 'room' (a 220 x 150 mezzanine) to see what will fit, and what won't!*

Our new dining table. Yup, for reals! The small ones play table.  Japanese style dining anyone? ;-).*

 Books, for example- I have been reading this to help inspire myself, and sustaining myself w large helpings of these guys to get me through. I wonder if they have done a post on craft items and other 'useful' materials... I hope so!!!
Wish me luck! I'm gonna
 need it ;-).
Ka kite ano, Tink*

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  1. Hey stranger! How about some pics of the new whare??????