Saturday, April 28, 2012

Around here...*

When I see this photo, I think of the Sia album titled 'Some People Have Real Problems'!*

Stamp. It works sometimes! Still faster than hand painting them all.*

Crunchy, floaty autumn leaves :-).*

Definately the last swim of the season!*
Also, three things worth taking a peek at:
 a) Going to this in Palmy, next Saturday,  b) A wonderful birth story from the lovely Rhianon over at Toast- Congratulations, clever Mama! :-). and c) something that has been on my mind much lately. Arohanui, Tink Xx*

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Just lately, I have been sewing, quite a lot, and quite happily :-).
You may (or may not!) have noticed a complete lack of me around here... this is why:

Yup, my very first market! Woohoo!
Ever since I was wee, I knew that when I did eventually become a Mama, that I wouldn't be sending my babe off to 'daycare', so I could go back to work. I personally believe wholeheartedly in the importance of my lil' one being with me (or the dada, but in the first few years, mostly me), and learning about the world with me (/us), rather than from some stranger, who will (no matter how nice they are) have an entirely different way of seeing things. I didn't know it at the time, but I already believed in attachment parenting, I guess :-). Anyway, once we made the decision to get pregnant, I started looking at different options for potential income which I could do from home. I love to sew, among other creative pursuits, so that seemed like quite a logical choice. I have always found satisfaction in dressing in a way which expresses my individuality (though I'm FAR from eternally stylish- I love comfy-ass-clothes too, most of the time actually, OH YES!!!), and when I had my darling boy, and was first starting out on our breastfeeding journey, I found it really difficult to find clothes which fell into any of the catagories of 'nursing friendly', warm, comfy, affordable, all whilst still maintaining some semblance of my former personal style- PHEW! In short, I wanted clothes I could comfortably breastfeed in, while still feeling like 'myself'. So I decided that was what I wanted to focus on. And hence the name 'Milkface'. Any breastfeeding Mama will know the immeasurable beauty of that newborn sleepy-milky-face as they just come off your breast (often asleep, with milk on their cheeks, OOoooohhh, just so lovely!).

(Yes, that is a hospital tray table in the background. But that is a story for another day!)
So, now my sweet boy is nearly two, I am finally settling into some form of organisation, where I am managing to get a bit of sewing done here and there. I have gotten a bit distracted from my original plan, -or as I prefer to call it 'branching out', and am making all sorts of things, and not just solely womens clothes. But this is my time to research and design, and to build my skills, and I am enjoying that part of the journey. I have made a couple of lil' woolen coats, in sizes to fit my ratbag, and am playing around with some other lil' things too. So, we shall see how this all goes! I am enjoying it, and feel real excitement, enthusiasm and joy at the creative process. So, as I am clearly at risk of this becoming a) a novel, and b) my 10th unfinished, unpublished, blog post, I shall end it here, with a couple of photos.

See you again after May The Fourth! Arohanui, Tink Xx*