Tuesday, February 21, 2012


What has 11 wheels and goes "WHEEEEEEEEE!"? 
Here's a clue....

This one's for you Flower baby!

 These... (plus another)... plus this babe on wheels..

Equals this!

 Coolfun! (erm, private joke on the lingo!)
My fab friend Flower gave me these beauties for my burtday, and I finally cranked them out tonight- can't believe I waited so long! The lil' fellow and I did a super speedy mission up the road and around the corner, but until I get stopping sorted proper I will confine the skates-buggy combo to the driveway.

And, in other news, autumn is here, according to our blackberries... Yum! But, I'm still really wanting some more summer please!

I had a few glasses of wine last night, and started yet another 'serious' blog post.... So many unfinished ones. It would seem that writing about things that really matter takes far more time, concentration, practise, and editing, than writing vaguely entertaining faff! Gee, who would have thought ;-).
It'll happen, as all things do, in my own sweet time!
Hope y'all are well, arohanui, Tink Xx*

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Every snatched couple of minutes spent in the stitch room is soundtracked by THIS song... Obsessed- Moi?!

I am super-duper excited about THIS wonderful adventure this weekend....

Don't worry pickle, you're coming too!*
And I promise (myself mostly!) that I will actually write all those other half started posts, starting next week....! Arohanui, Tinks Xx*

Thursday, February 2, 2012

D.I.M. (Do It Myself)*

Its a rather busy week this week in my world -who am I kidding, we're all busy! :-). 
I'm trying my hardest to be organised for Le Party this weekend, so I'm not freaking out on the day. I'm not much of an organiser, but I'm trying! Learning a lil' more each day :-). So I have a heap of photo's on the Mac daddy, and some bloggy posts roaming around in my head, but all shall have to wait until next week. 

BUT I couldn't help but show off what I (half!) accomplished today while the man cooked tea (a true rarity!).....

Before, with the newbies in the background.*
These chairs were fricken MANKY!(two still are. Maybe tomorrow?). Thats a sand-porridge-snot-yoghurt-dogknowswhat combo on those seats! Mmmmm....... They have been nagging at my eyes for a while now...

And after. Shiny-shiny!*
The Dadyo asked for a staple gun for Xmas (for building a clear plastic green house for seedlings). 'Hell yes!' I thought! So for a change I spent some money on him. And today I bought oil cloth (water proof, wipeable, fab for a kitchen in which a pants-less toddler likes to hang out, and help the Mama cook, and spill stuff, and is yet to learn how to say 'wees', or 'potty' until its too late!), and a lil' contraption that pulls out staples, and I made some magic! Woohoo! :-D. 
Arohanui, Tinks Xx*