Thursday, February 2, 2012

D.I.M. (Do It Myself)*

Its a rather busy week this week in my world -who am I kidding, we're all busy! :-). 
I'm trying my hardest to be organised for Le Party this weekend, so I'm not freaking out on the day. I'm not much of an organiser, but I'm trying! Learning a lil' more each day :-). So I have a heap of photo's on the Mac daddy, and some bloggy posts roaming around in my head, but all shall have to wait until next week. 

BUT I couldn't help but show off what I (half!) accomplished today while the man cooked tea (a true rarity!).....

Before, with the newbies in the background.*
These chairs were fricken MANKY!(two still are. Maybe tomorrow?). Thats a sand-porridge-snot-yoghurt-dogknowswhat combo on those seats! Mmmmm....... They have been nagging at my eyes for a while now...

And after. Shiny-shiny!*
The Dadyo asked for a staple gun for Xmas (for building a clear plastic green house for seedlings). 'Hell yes!' I thought! So for a change I spent some money on him. And today I bought oil cloth (water proof, wipeable, fab for a kitchen in which a pants-less toddler likes to hang out, and help the Mama cook, and spill stuff, and is yet to learn how to say 'wees', or 'potty' until its too late!), and a lil' contraption that pulls out staples, and I made some magic! Woohoo! :-D. 
Arohanui, Tinks Xx*


  1. Looouuurrrvvvveeeee thee chairs, shall warm one with my botty on Sat night. (between serious grooving of course!)

  2. what a clever chicken you are! LOVE the spotties. x