Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rain, stale bread, and leftover Punkin*

Mmm... super-easy-quick-Punkin soup with croutouns*
The other day I made some of this....

Punkin Cheesecake Bars, from this fabulous book! CORR!* 

.... and this, with some frozen Punkin from the freezer of doom! (by this I mean, it is nearly punkin season again, and there is still frozen punkin in the freezer- time for a cleanse!)
 The little fellow had his Soul mate come visit. They hung out in the Tipi.

And for the first time in ages, I actually made a lil' something for myself. -A lil' something that wasn't food- cause I'm always making THAT for myself ;-).

And, as you can see, I'm having some issues with the ol' 'puter! Photo's and words are choosing their own locations today, it would seem. Though, I shall not blame the tools, it is just a case of me getting used to erm.... well, using my lovely Mac for something other than email, blog reading and facebook (shame, I know! But I'm changing my wicked ways- can't you see!)
Po marie y'all! Its my bedtime Xx Tink*

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  1. Check out your Teepee! It's AMAZING!!!! That cheesecake looks delish...I love the way you say 'punkin' lol xoxox