Monday, March 12, 2012

A pocket full of (black) gold*

Our blackberry bush is roaring at the mo! Everyday we are bringing in at least a good sized pocket full!

Would you like a smooch?!*

Gearing up for winter*
I am making a conscious effort to find creative ways to feel excited about the approaching Winter. I have always felt 'most alive' in Summer, and have, for much of my life, really just been 'surviving' Winter, to get through to the warmer months. What a waste! I am amazed I have allowed myself to keep this attitude for so long! So, this Autumn, and Winter, the little fellow and I shall be embarking on as many outdoor, rugged up, boot wearing, tree climbing, bush walking, umbrella toting, puddle splashing adventures as we can- followed by hot baths, a cosy fire, soup and stories. Oh, and plenty of hut making on really shoddy days (we live in the Manawatu- I foresee MUCH hut making!)

Behold, the SUPER HUT!*

You could fit a queen bed inside this hut! CORR!*

We have been blessed with a really good tomato season. There have been plenty of opportunities for the darling boy and I to discuss the difference between red and green. Tomato's, chilli's, strawberries. I think he was just getting the hang of it when the blackberries ripened, and now nothing makes sense!  

Roughly chopped and frozen, free flow tom's.*
THE BEST tomato sauce!*
My fabulous friend Flower (erm.. I do have other friends, I feel I must point out- but she seems to be the only one I mention here!) told me of this (above) excellent way to make use of tomatoes. Roughly chop them, add onion and garlic (though I did forget these once, and that was a whole other kind of lovely!), herbs, olive oil, salt n pep, balsamic vinegar, some sugar (or other sweetener), and roast on 100-150 for a few hours, checking occasionally, until it is all caramelised and yummi (though, you can decide at which stage you want to pull it out of the oven, depending on what you will use the sauce for), then whizz it up in the blender/food processor, and you will have the most amazing sauce for pasta, or damn near anything you like. We had some warm today with Zucchini fritters!
I have also added chilli, as we have plenty, and other times chopped raw vege's, such as Zucchini and eggplant. I have frozen a few batches for some instant injections of Summer in the middle of Winter.

And here is an (as always!) thoughtful and interesting post from the wonderful Veronica over at The Mother Magazine blog.

Wishing you all as much warmth as we can possibly squeeze out of Autumn, and then some damn good cold weather adventure! Arohanui, Tink Xx*

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