Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We live behind a dairy...!*

So.... after my last two super healthy food posts, here is the flip side! We live behind a dairy- and for someone with a fairly epic ice cream/chocolate addiction, I manage to spend not too much time, or pocket money in that place. Its hard. I'm still at the beginning of my 'Willpower Journey'! 
It was sunny the other day, and as we have been feeling a bit shafted by summer, we decided to celebrate... with ice cream :-).*

'I think I love you..!'*

'Share? Not ice cream!'*

'Have I got something on my face?'*

'Maybe if I close my eyes really tight I can pretend I am not feeding my toddler  ice cream!'*
Mmmm...... Ice cream! 
And, to make myself feel a little less hedonistic, and to show that I am learning to share, here is a recipe for home made ice cream that I frequently make, and totally rate! I always use diferent flavourings (the latest was Peanut Butter-Choc, made with organic p.nut butter, raw organic cream, and choc ganache made from 70% cocoa choc! CORR!)
Arohanui, Tink Xx*

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