Sunday, May 20, 2012


Hello again! My, it feels like so long... Oh well, life happens, doesn't it! ;-).
So the fabulous Craft Wars has been and gone, and I am disappointed to say I didn't take any proper photos!! This is not like me at all- but I shall put it down to excitement!

All packed up- after the show*
 Fortunately my lovely Flower did take some photo's, so check hers out over here. We had an AWESOME time, and I can't wait for the next one in November. 
I have sorted out a wee Felt shop with some of my stock, which I will add to as soon as I sort out my shonky photos. Also, I need to find a clever way to test the recycled fabrics I pick up from our local Arts Recycling Centre when I'm a bit unsure of what they are made from... Any ideas? (Yes, I shall get my butt around to googling it, but any 'tried and true' tips would be awesome!). I prefer to use wool or cotton, or other natural fibres, but if I spot a gorgeous (reclaimed) fabric that I'm unsure of the 'contents' of, I grab it.
And, of course, Autumn is falling all around here- and it's beautiful :-).

The view from my Stitch Room. Not the sunny side of the house unfortunately*
Leafy puddles, ready for faerys to collect*
Our apple crop was bountiful last year- though is looking a lil' sad this time around*
Gearing up! All three porches are stacked*
Eternally wet washing*
Autumn Silverbeet*
Our first Fennel bulb, which I'm REALLY excited about!*
My sweet boy, out for a puddle-splashing adventure with me :-).*

Hope you're all warm and toasty, and loving the Autumn leaves, 
Arohanui, Xx Tink*


  1. The way I test fabric is by setting it on fire....Literally, you take a small swatch or simply just the edge, and hold a match or lighter to the edge for a second or two, natural fibres will scorch, but synthetics will melt & go hard. You can do this for yarn aswell.
    Ginny was playing with a rain drop in a nastursum leaf the other day, it was very cute, she kept trying to pick it up! As for your fennel JEALOUS! Now for a scrumping mission, donn the balaclavas I mans fruit trees are safe ;-)

  2. Thank you darling! I had figured fire would be the tell-tale in some way :-).
    Bless that wee Ginny! Was she making her 'Oowh!' noise at the same time?
    We (erm, Chris) has tried several times with the fenne, but none of them took, but finally this baby did, and now three more seedlings too! Choice! But, we (erm, Chris) are having no luck with the Kale- which SUX, as I'm super keen for some of that- we may need to do some swaps.... Do you find Kale easy to grow? I know you have had heaps in the past (yum, thank you!). Are there any special tricks we are missing (erm, Chris...!) ;-).
    Oh- and speaking of foraging, urban styles, Toad has promised she will let me know when the Olives are out- there is a street full of trees that are totally up for the taking... whenever Olive season is! You wanna come too? :-D.*